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Men's Alterations

Being tailors we at Black Butterfly Tailoring are proud to offer services on refitting, recutting, altering and restoring suits.

The Cut

  • In order to improve the fit of a suit we will pin the jacket so that it fits perfectly.
  • By taking in the sides seams fabric the waist can be shaped to perfectly show off your shape, yet still have a slight flare over the hips.
  • By opening the shoulder and neck seams the wrinkling across the upper back can be smoothened.
  • Take in the drape across the upper back
  • Overall size of a jacket can be altered by taking in from the centre back seam.
  • Reline jacket.

Collar and Gorge

  • Moderation is the key when we talk about a good suit. English suits are famous for having a higher gorge which means that the shirt is less visible. If you’re concerned about the size of the collar come in our alteration workshop and we can tide up lapels so they are not too large.



  • If the shoulders of your jacket are sticking out we can alter them to perfect fit and adjust pads to define or soften the silhouette.




  • If you feel that the sleeves of your jacket are too long we can shorten them from the shoulders so that we can keep cuff detail untouched.
  • We can replace coat lining




  • Suits that are double breasted add width; single breasted suits make you appear taller and slimmer. Suits with three buttons add width to the chest; two button suits define the waist while a one button suit is simple and modish.  Choosing from so many styles can be confusing so we can help tailor your suit to perfectly fit your body shape. If the suit that you found doesn’t have the buttons you like come in and we can help you with different solution. Also, if the jacket has sham cuffs but you prefer working button holes we can alter your jacket according your requirement.

Coat Length

  • The coat length should be proportional to your height. The length of a coat should be half the distance from the ground and the top of the coat’s collar. If you are concerned about the length of your jacket, we can alter it to perfectly fit you.




  • If you think that the lining of your pockets need changing we can help. Creating a hidden ticket pocket is easy just come in our Nottingham shop.



If you think that your trousers don’t sit properly we provide a range of alterations:

  • Lowering waist band
  • Taking in or letting out waist
  • Shortening / lengthening with a plain hem
  • Shortening / lengthening with a turn up
  • Put tape to the hems
  • Taking in / letting out seams
  • Add a front lining
  • Replacing the zip
  • Adding brace buttons
  • Adding belt loops

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