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Bespoke Tailoring

What is bespoke?

Bespoke refers to individually custom tailored clothing. Dressing in bespoke brings about certain grace impossible to find by pre-cut clothing sold at normal retailers. Wearing a tweed jacket, waistcoat or dress should be a personal statement. The garment we wear is an expression of our personality and can speak about ourselves. All bespoke clothes we create in our Nottingham tailoring workshop are designed with the client in mind to achieve the best possible comfort. Our dresses and jackets are made by hand to produce the most striking look.

The Process of tailoring and dressmaking in Black Butterfly Tailoring

When creating a garment, our dressmaker and tailor will take over 25 measurements to achieve the perfect fit possible. After you choose the fabric and preferred style of your garment, we get right to work. We begin with cutting and making the pattern requested. We then cut the fabric, add trimmings, assemble the garment, and go through our fitting process to make sure we achieve the most efficient fit possible.

What to Expect with custom tailoring and dressmaking

One of the greatest benefits of bespoke clothes is that you can incorporate your own unique style and create it so that fits your lifestyle. Little specific details like pocket placement and small design features can make a big difference in customisability, offering great distinction to your wardrobe. Our tailor and dressmaker will pay attention to all of your design suggestions throughout the process, while offering their own insight to produce your garment.

  • Fabric and style selections – After our tailor and dressmaker take more than 25 different measurements, you can select the exact style and materials so that we can begin the project.
  • Pattern cutting - The most important step in bespoke tailoring and dressmaking is pattern cutting. Then we add trimmings and assemble the garment for fitting.
  • Fitting process – Once your garment is almost finished, our tailor and dressmaker will ask you to come in for a fitting to make sure that it fits perfectly.

Power to the Customer

Our bespoke tailoring and dressmaking process gives you the power over the fabric and the style of your garment. If you decide to use the services of our dressmaker or tailor we give you the opportunity to create your clothing that fits your lifestyle by being totally involved in the whole process.

Bespoke womenswear : Our dressmaker can assist you throughout the entire process of creating your own unique dress, jacket or coat.  At Black Butterfly Tailoring we make all types of dress:

  • cocktail dress
  • prom dress
  • ball gown
  • evening gown
  • Coats
  • Shirts
  • Trousers
  • jackets
  • scarves


Bespoke menswear: At Black Butterfly tailoring our tailor will make sure that your own creative ideas will be used when creating your perfect garment. We specialise in making:

  • Tweed jackets
  • waistcoats
  • scarves
  • shirts
  • trousers

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